Pakistan 2007 - Baltoro Glacier - K2 Base Camp - Gondogoro-La Trek
Monday, August 20, 2007 (21:58:19)

Posted by Marc

Back in Pakistan for one of the hardest but also one of the most rewarding treks.

2007 was not the best year to cross Gondogoro-La as a crevasse of 4m and no possibility to fix ropes, made it impossible for trekking groups to pass. When we arrived at Goro II we got the news that the rescue team managed to find a new route that will make the crossing possible. A British expedition team will be the first to try the new route. Our team with permit number 118 was able to cross on July 26th as number 6. Only 8 teams in total (6 expedition and 2 trekking teams) could cross Gondogoro-La in 2007. Shortly after our crossing, the pass was closed again.

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Panorama view from Concordia

Day 1: Drive from Skardu to Askole (3000m) in 4x4
Day 2: Jula (3140m) Walking along the Braldu River and passing by Korofan
Day 3: Paiju (3350m)
Day 4: Rest Day in Paiju
Day 5: Khobursay (3870m)
Day 6: Urdukas (4110m)
Day 7: Goro II (4300m)
Day 8: Concordia (4560m)
Day 9-10: Rest day waiting for better weather conditions
Day 11: Moonhill Camp (5070m)
Day 12: Passing Gondogoro-La (5940m) and going down to Khuispan or Xhuspang (4700m)
Day 13: Saischo (3390m)
Day 14: Hushe (3150m) and drive back to Skardu

The whole trek is also available for download as Google Earth KMZ here and can be played as a tour. If you want to see the photos on the corresponding places of the trek you can download the Panoramio link here .

Marc Ewert (Luxembourg)
Hyuk-Rae Min (Luxembourg)
Mi-Ri Kim (South Korea)
Nam-Hun Kim (South Korea)

Khalil. Experienced mountain guide who made it possible for us to cross Gondogoro-La

Zakir. We missed nothing and ate like kings.

Assistant Cook:
Jakob and Kassim

32 at the beginning of trek and 10 at the end.

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View to Gondogoro from Moonhill Camp

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